Welcome to Goodwood Road

Thank you for visiting us, and welcome to our little Village in the heart of Goodwood, just the “other” side of the Adelaide Parklands and  5-10 minutes from the  CBD.

Use this  site to find out about all the people and businesses in our stretch of  Goodwood Road, about our happenings and events and all the interesting things we have to see and discover.

You'll love our Alive & Vibrant Village

You’ll love the village atmosphere of Goodwood Road Goodwood, where you’ll find a variety of cafes, restaurants, shops and health and beauty, community and business services. Wander up and down the road and as well as the shops and businesses, enjoy the friendly people, the interesting art, and at night, the lovely lights.

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It’s great to be in Goodwood

Happenings on Goody

We love a good street party on Goody Road – always lots of Family fun.

And every August we celebrate SALA – the South Australian Living Artists Festival when our Goody Roaders display a great
selection of art from South Australian artists.

Keep an eye on this web site and our Social media, for all the whats, whens and wheres.

Goodwood Alive and Vibrant
The City OF Unley
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